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Family Portraits

When time allows our family sessions include group photos, individual photos and any breakdowns you’re interested in (just mom and dad, just the kids, etc.).


Plan session times around naptime. That's better for everyone involved!

Plan your outfits. They don't all have to be the same, but keep them similar. For large family groupings, consider assigning a color scheme – i.e. everyone will be in red, black or gray or black, pink and turquoise. If you have several generations involved, have each micro-family in a different color – grandma and grandpa in white, brother's family in black and sister's family in gray, etc.

Be creative in your locations! Don't just stick to your front yard. We're willing to go just about anywhere!

Ask for a custom package. We're happy to customize our packages to make sense to you! You're also welcome to book a free consultation to see the products we offer and get to know us better!

Bring props! A good couch, a funky chair or a antique car – these pieces can add a lot to your photos.

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